Petition: Free an Innocent Man

Taking a break from my usual research to share this petition about someone sitting in jail for far too long, with evidence in part based on the word of a drug addicted, convicted felon and a less than scrupulous detective. The petition carefully outlines the faulty evidence, or lack thereof on which he was convicted. Like most people who do not commit a crime they are accused of, he chose to plead innocent to the first set of charges. Since he was found guilty of those, he took the plea deal for the second set, all related to the same incident. The judge ignored sentencing guideline to make an example of him, and not even have the sentencing run concurrent. For 16 years now he has sat in jail exhausting every legal option available to him. Please take a few minutes to read this petition and if you agree that either one: he is innocent Or two, even if you are not sure on his innocence the punishment does not fit the crime. He has done everything right with his time in prison: getting an education, gaining skills, and holding jobs in the prison everyday. Thank you a million times for giving hope to someone who has been rejected time and time again, but keeps trying to petition for relief. He has even garnered the interest in the Innocence Project, having worked with him for a year. Sadly, the witness that said he would tell the truth that Dustin was not there became unreachable. Of course this witness is scared that if he now tells the truth, any remaining probation hanging over his head could land him in jail for lying some 16 years ago. We are hopeful that this petition will garner him the attention and relief he deserves. Thank you again!


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